In Vietnam, there was a man who brought exotic flowers from the niche perfume garden closer to users. In this article, let’s learn about ViinRiic Niche Perfume Gallery founder – Eric Tran.

Founder of ViinRiic - Eric Tran
Founder of ViinRiic – Eric Tran

A holy place that is hard to find in the world of scents

Today, scent enthusiasts must be familiar with the concept of designer perfumes, often made by a company specializing in fashion or cosmetics. Passing through the commercial centers, or the stores of famous luxury brands such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, etc. to the popular ones like Boots or Superdrug, … The frivolous luxury suddenly suddenly affordable for everyone.

In contrast to design perfumes, the niche perfume world is a hard-to-find mecca, even for the most connoisseur of perfumers. But few people know that this rare perfume line appeared before the design perfume market became popular. They were loved and used by Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I for a long time. Because of that, niche perfume like holy water is carefully hidden behind the royal gate, not everyone can touch and satisfy the sense of smell in one spray.

Although it is rare, but for the past 4 years, scent followers in our country have been able to step into the high threshold of the holy land containing the masterpieces of regal fragrance. ViinRiic Niche Perfume Gallery was born in the surprised eyes of anyone looking for the perfect combination of fashion and unique fragrance by Eric Tran – a young Vietnamese businessman and father. The founder of the Pour Vous brand – Pilates Center Yoga & Spa.

Niche perfume is a rare and hard-to-find mecca for scent followers
Niche perfume is a rare and hard-to-find mecca for scent followers

Opportunities and challenges for perfume brands with only about 2% market share

Since its establishment around 2015, ViinRiic has faced many difficulties. The first difficulty is that the Vietnamese perfume market is still unorthodox, for example, a series of fake perfumes and hand-carry goods appear on the black market, causing confusion and disturbance in the scent market.
The second is the price, founder Eric Tran said, niche perfumery like any other business, always stands in the midst of fierce competition, even unfair competition. The niche perfume customer segment is very high, not to mention that each perfume line when launched is especially limited in quantity, making it a rare commodity that is difficult to reach even the rich and fastidious guests.
But besides challenges, many opportunities have also opened up for ViinRiic. Since its inception until now, ViinRiic is proud to be a pioneer in the niche perfume market in Vietnam. According to Mr. Eric Tran, the brand can control and create the rules of the game for the market, bringing new trends to upper-class consumers as well as the opportunity to experience scents that no niche perfume brand has ever distributed. which is done in our country.
Opportunities and challenges of ViinRiic
Opportunities and challenges of ViinRiic

Market coverage strategy of the leader

ViinRiic targets two main customer groups. The first group are scent enthusiasts, who see the value of scent at a higher level of artistic creativity. The other group are people who have money and have a passion for luxury consumption.
Obviously, these two groups of customers represent two completely different mindsets. Mr. Eric Tran commented: “For those who “play” scents like me, rare perfumes make them excited. “Rare” here does not mean too expensive, but must bring to they have a certain unforgettable source of emotions that can interfere with each person’s personality or deep memory domain.As for those who use luxury brands, they simply prefer to spend money on expensive products, or in favor of their personal brand.”
The competition in the perfume market never stops. ViinRiic can import niche scents, other businesses can still. But, according to Mr. Eric Tran, the competition is not fierce. Currently, the brand mainly competes with a few small merchants and is not sure how authentic their products are. They accept no premises, as long as they can make a profit. Thus, in general, ViinRiic’s market share coverage is still dominant.
Market coverage strategy of the leader
Market coverage strategy of the leader

The “differentiation” strategy for the brand of founder Eric Tran

Currently, in Vietnam, there is no official shop specializing in niche perfumes other than ViinRiic. The brand currently has two physical stores and a special store in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. This place will be built and designed as a gallery or “niche perfume museum” on a large scale. Customers wishing to visit the facility must make an appointment one to two days in advance.
Eric Tran shared, ViinRiic will arrange a scent expert to guide and tell scent stories within an hour. From that conversation, the brand will partly understand the customer’s personality, psychology, and preferences to give appropriate scent advice. This model is not only unique in Vietnam but also new all over the world, even in developed countries such as France, Italy, Russia or the US.
Personally, Eric Tran thinks and believes that this difference will attract many distinguished guests to ViinRiic. Especially in Vietnam, the trend of the rich in our country is different from that of the rich in the West. They like unapproachable products, and anything unapproachable, the more excited they are. When they get what they want, they will feel extremely happy.
Similarly, the strategy of “differentiation” at ViinRiic campus in District 3 creates high emotional and experiential value at the time of purchase. Consumers come in and are respected by employees. They are served tea and coffee, and listen to the scent experts enthusiastically explain the fragrances, making the buying process, instead of superficial, become slow and profound like a real scent workshop. consume.
Eric Tran and ViinRiic hope that when customers come to buy perfume, they will remember how to buy, remember the salesperson, remember a team that worked so hard.
Brand "differentiation" strategy
Brand “differentiation” strategy


With dedication in work, unyielding will and talented leadership, it is not too difficult to see how ViinRiic is growing stronger and stronger under the guidance of founder Eric Tran. In the mission of bringing niche flowers closer to Vietnamese users, ViinRiic is proud to be the pioneer brand in bringing quality and genuine niche fragrances to users.