Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the whirling and fast-paced city life, there is a mysterious perfume shop that chooses to honor perfumes quietly and quietly, but also full of sophistication and art. This mystery evokes a lot of curiosity and controversy for the public, but at the same time is an irresistible attraction for perfume “believers”. Because of its strangeness, this perfume shop causes a lot of curiosity and controversy…

The story begins with the “holy water” of the mysterious perfume shop

For many people, perfume, in addition to helping the body get a scent that is seen as self-care and courtesy and respect for the opposite person, is also an irresistible “addictive” substance to the body. few people left..

The story begins with the "holy water" of the mysterious perfume shop
The story begins with the “holy water” of the mysterious perfume shop

For perfume enthusiasts, perfume is never just “for fragrance”, but every bottle, every drop is a work of art created by man, aiming to bring the pinnacle of sublimation and satisfaction. more olfactory, tactile, and visual than tools of service! That’s why it’s not uncommon for such people to have a very strict requirement for scents, but sometimes even famous perfume brands like Dior, Chanel or Gucci,… are hard to seduce. can be shaken.

Instead, only Niche – a line of fragrances made entirely by hand from the rarest, most expensive and difficult to find ingredients in the world – has the ability to attract sensitive people. feel and fly with the scent as mentioned above. Partly because each Niche perfume is made, it has a unique fragrance that doesn’t have a second one in the world, accompanied by a story and a profound meaning that conquers people’s hearts. . These rare perfumes are available at the mysterious and unique perfume shop in Saigon.

Special perfume bottles at the mysterious perfume shop
Special perfume bottles at the mysterious perfume shop

Niche perfume bottles are always like a work of art that needs to be cherished and presented as the true value it should have.

“Poison” is like that, so the value of a bottle of Niche perfume also causes many controversies both abroad and in Vietnam.

Many people say, “Authentic Niche” must be expensive, must be the jars that are famously valued by Mr. A and Mrs. B for hundreds, even billions of dong. Or have to search for new Niche jars reserved for the Royals in England to use!

A few million bottles are probably… fake or poor quality Niche!?

No 1 Passant Guardant by Clive Christian costs more than 220,000 USD (more than 5 billion VND) for 30ml, but Niche’s problem is that not everyone is suitable, anyone who applies it becomes as luxurious as “fairy water”.

Instead, for a true Niche player, price has never been a decisive factor.

The composition of ingredients and the level of complexity that make up the unique structure of the incense layers is what both shows the level of the artist and also the level that makes up the value of each Niche perfume. In addition, according to many people, every time you go to buy Niche is like opening a “hunt”.

Fragrant, beautiful is one thing, but in the tens and hundreds of these fragrances, “which scent really belongs to me”, “which scent exudes the charisma and personality of a whole person” is the Pleasure is worth a hundred, a thousand times more than spreading a lump of money and saying… “Can I play this perfume, guys?!”.

The secret “scent room” is only open to 1 person at a time in Saigon

It can be said that the world of Niche perfume and the people who adore scents is too complicated.

There have been many famous tycoons, businessmen, male and female artists around the world who have admitted to being Niche followers, and in Vietnam there has also appeared a special room dedicated to those who are interested. interested in Niche to exchange and learn under the guidance of Eric Tran – one of the experts and the first large-scale collector of Niche perfumes in Vietnam.

However, this room with many people is a big mystery, because it is almost always in a closed state, along with the separate rules set by Eric himself for each guest when they want to set foot in. come here.

For example, before coming, you have to make an appointment a few hours or sometimes a few days in advance. After “closing the schedule”, there will be an expert available in the room to receive, chat and advise everything you want in a completely private way. That is, no one but you and the expert will be allowed to stay in this room until you feel satisfied and want to step out.

Only 1 guest at a time, either by the scent experts or by Mr. Eric himself.

Inside this room is presented as an exhibition area where each work is a unique Niche perfume bottle.

Not only that, Eric also has a very special “recipe set” to help everyone, especially those who are completely unfamiliar with Niche, can still easily learn and approach them step by step. on one’s own:

First: You will need to share as honestly and honestly as possible about your basic personality, about the type of scent you like the most such as: sweet, cool, sexy or a little deep to have a basis. Pick out a few similar fragrances for you.

Smell each fragrance selected from what you think you like

Choose and gradually eliminate each scent that you “hate the most” and “like the most”

Test on the skin the last 3 types and with expert experience, you will receive advice on which one is suitable for your personality and affordable.

Honesty, understanding one’s own preferences and personality, and having to share it freely with a consultant/expert are prerequisites to being able to apply this formula successfully. No matter how much money you have, don’t be afraid, then because of your ego, you’re not sincere.

This is a huge difference when you buy Niche perfumes and perfumes that are widely sold in stores, commercial centers or “choose” … portable goods that the majority of people still use today.

A pot of coffee will help you relax, “discharge” dozens of scents that are mixed around so that you can continue to appreciate it accurately.

Why is it so strange to be called “cheap”!?

Right now, many people must be saying “what the hell!?” Why is it so difficult to do business with each other, all the procedures to paint and then only buy 1 perfume bottle!?

There was even a time when Eric was rumored by the perfumer community to be weird, like an eccentric as soon as he started creating a scent room with his own mysterious perfume shop. Then is it like a “slap” straight to those who have been, are and will love Niche!? But calmly sit back and think, it’s also right, because Niche’s “price” is right.

There was a time when Eric's mysterious perfume shop was rumored by the perfumer community
There was a time when Eric’s mysterious perfume shop was rumored by the perfumer community

And then Mr. Eric calmly shared: “From the very beginning, I never thought that this mysterious perfume shop business model would help me bring in huge revenue or set KPIs, then increase sales, increase profits at all costs. I myself have a lot of other businesses, so this room is more precisely a place to serve my passion and share my interests.” So here, he is the one who has the ability to control and has the right to create special rules that sometimes not everyone can easily accept right from the first time.

“But he assures that those regulations are based on the desire to serve everyone in the best and most satisfying way possible. Because after all, the core of all regulations is for him to have more time to listen and share with everyone more carefully about the Niche world. And sometimes, if there’s a third person or a completely unknown person there, you’re not ready to open up and that’s a taboo when you want to approach Niche.”

From the very beginning, he never thought that this mysterious perfume shop business model would help him bring in huge revenue - Mr. Eric shared.
From the very beginning, he never thought that this mysterious perfume shop business model would help him bring in huge revenue – Mr. Eric shared.

This world is so lonely, every conversation is an opportunity to find a friend, a soulmate who has a similar soul about scent preferences.

Eric Tran

It also means that, after coming here, they force you to buy something to be allowed to leave, or simply “polite” for the price of having a private conversation.

“The main thing is that I find someone to share, let many Vietnamese people know about Niche’s existence! Many times I sit and talk with guests all day. Like meeting in the morning, eating lunch and then coming back in the afternoon to continue talking, but in the end they still say they haven’t found a scent they like, which is a very normal thing that happens in this mysterious perfume shop.”

Up to the present time, after more than 4 years of operation, the room of this mysterious perfume shop has welcomed many people, including stylish young people with their own gout, and sisters of all styles. Even famous people in the world of artists, Vietnamese and foreign businessmen also often come here, they still make appointments as usual, without any discrimination or favor to chat and exchange. about the captivating world of Niche. That is considered a great success for Mr. Eric and the community of Niche enthusiasts in Vietnam in general.