The elegant hobby of Thao Tam and Thuy Hang is being noticed by netizens because these are two famous characters, loved by many people. These two women are not only successful individuals in their respective fields, but also have admirable interests. Let’s explore and learn more about the elegant hobby of Thao Tam and Thuy Hang in the article below.

The elegant hobby of Thao Tam and Thuy Hang

Art and culture

  • Passion for art and culture: taking the time to enjoy art exhibitions, music festivals and cultural events is the highlight of Thao Tam and Thuy Hang’s elegant hobby.
  • Reading and studying: She invests her time in reading and learning to improve her knowledge and personal skills.

The elegant hobby of Thao Tam and Thuy Hang: painting art
The elegant hobby of Thao Tam and Thuy Hang: painting art

Sports and healthy life

  • Yoga and meditation: Thao Tam is interested in taking care of her health by practicing yoga and meditation.
  • Sports: When talking about the elegant hobby of Thao Tam and Thuy Hang, we can’t help but mention that both of them regularly exercise to maintain health and enhance the balance between body and mind. soul.

Travel and explore

  • Cultural exploration: Nong Thuy Hang loves to explore and experience the cultures of different countries. This is what makes the difference in the elegant taste of Thao Tam and Thuy Hang. She often travels to visit cultural heritage sites, enjoy typical cuisine and learn about customs.
  • Mental conditioning: She believes that traveling is a great way to relax and refresh your mind. Nong Thuy Hang often chooses quiet natural destinations or luxury resorts to enjoy peaceful moments.

Some pictures of the elegant hobby of Thao Tam and Thuy Hang

Actress Thao Tam told VietNamNet that she likes to draw since she was young because she loves comics, she often practices drawing with pencils her favorite cartoon characters. Thao Tam was sent by her parents to learn how to draw methodically, but she did not go anywhere because she was “impatient”.

In elementary school, Thao Tam attended an oil painting class, and in middle school took an acrylic painting course, but in the end did not pursue professional painting. “Even so, I still love to draw, go to school with my hands free and have blank paper to draw,” she said.

During the workshop, Thao Tam painted acrylic colors for the first time after about 3-4 years. She felt nauseous, enthusiastic. When asked by VietNamNet about the meaning of the work, the actor said it was a combination of elements: wood, perfume, summer and France.

Miss Vietnam Ethnic Group 2022 Nong Thuy Hang paints a natural landscape inspired by her hometown of Ha Giang.

Participating in the event, singer Du Uyen claimed to be “a girl who loves beauty and art”.

MC Minh Xu shared: “I feel creative stimulation when drawing in a space with a melodious piano sound and a faint fragrance. The familiar music makes me unable to stop singing along with that background.”

Singer Annie of the group LipB.

Singer Do Hoang Duong.

Writer Anh Khang.

Model Ha Kino.