Vietnamese stars are excited to learn to draw as well as enjoy exclusive ‘secrets’ – In the Vietnamese entertainment industry, not only possessing talent in the field of art, but Vietnamese stars also have a passion for the art of drawing. In this article, we will give information about how Vietnamese stars are excited to learn to draw and create a great combination between art and artists.

The reason why Vietnamese stars are excited to learn to draw

Personal self-expression

  • Learning to draw allows stars to express their personal, creative and emotional sides through images.
  • With them already successful in the arts, they wanted to broaden their horizons and learn about a new art.

Relieve stress and create balance

  • Vietnamese stars are excited to learn to draw, which will help them  relieve the pressure of work and life.
  • Relaxing in the drawing process helps to create balance in the soul and improve the spirit.

Benefits when Vietnamese stars are excited to learn to draw

Promote creativity

  • Vietnamese stars who are excited to learn to draw will be able to explore and develop their creativity.
  • They can freely express their ideas and meanings through pictures.

Improve thinking ability and concentration

  • Focusing on drawing helps Vietnamese stars practice logical thinking and concentration.
  • This process takes patience and attention to detail, which improves their ability to focus.

Create more creative inspiration for artistic work

  • Learning to draw broadens the stars’ artistic horizons, giving them new inspiration for their acting or artistic careers.
  • From new drawing skills they can apply and develop in their creative projects.

The recent workshop between painting and scent gathered Vietnamese stars to participate

Recently, Vietnamese stars had the opportunity to meet each other at an art painting event with the desire to bring guests new experiences combining scent and painting. A special introduction named scent ORMAIE PARIS gathered many famous names in Vietnamese showbiz such as MC Minh Xu, writer Quach Le Anh Khang, models Thanh Truc, Ha Kino, singers Du Uyen, Do Hoang Duong, Nguyen Lam Thao Tam, Annie (LipB),… The event that Vietnamese stars were excited to learn drawing also had the presence of Vincent Tran and Eric Tran.

The event that Vietnamese stars are excited to learn to draw also has the presence of Miss Nong Thuy Hang
The event that Vietnamese stars are excited to learn to draw also has the presence of Miss Nong Thuy Hang

The reason for this combination is because scent and painting have similarities. With only limited colors, the artist can create thousands of different pictures. Scent is the same, with basic ingredients, but each artist has different stories of favorite scents.

MC Minh Xu

In addition to the experience of painting, the Vietnamese stars also experienced the story with childhood dreams, and the past images encapsulated in the scent subtly, making the perfume bottle more meaningful in many parts. ORMAIE PARIS. The spirit that “overall” brings is also towards extremely new experiences, and this is also one of the meanings, increasing cohesion in this meeting.

Vincent Tran and Eric Tran

As a guest to experience both scent and painting, MC Minh Xu shared: “Painting in a melodious space of piano sound with familiar songs is so comfortable that we have to mix our voices on the music. that. I felt a lot of connection and harmony in just a few hours at the event. Everything has no boundaries anymore. Only feelings through the perspective of art remain. Like the story is told kindly through the works of scent. The love of family and the stories of childhood are realized through delicate perfume bottles.

Nguyen Lam Thao Tam

I like the wooden bottle caps that are rustically shaped and diverse as each person’s preferences. Wearing a suitable scent will create for myself a confidence and beauty that is not in the eyes of others but in the senses of the opposite person.

Ha Kino

Vietnamese stars