If the old King Tu Duc used to “fold the remnants of his clothes to save his breath” to save long lasting scent of beauties, then with perfume, we must also know the secrets to reasonable and durable use.

"Folding the butts to save breath", long lasting scent
“Folding the butts to save breath”, long lasting scent

“Folding the butts to save breath”, long lasting scent

Perfume is a pretty sensitive cosmetic, just a little mistake in storage will affect the quality of the scent. A few useful suggestions from scent expert Eric Tran will help keep the long lasting scent as well as prolong the life of the perfume you love.

Place of storage

Depending on the condition and personality, each person will choose their own suitable storage method such as: shelves, drawers, wooden cabinets, glass cabinets… But the most important thing is to avoid letting the perfume bottle come into direct contact with sunlight for the perfume to be long lasting scent. High temperature from sunlight will affect the chemical molecules that bind essential oils, discolor, change the smell, die the smell, even ruin the entire original scent.

Maintenance care

Perfume maintenance for long lasting fragrance is a necessary and extremely reasonable requirement, including maintenance both “inside” and “outside”.

Inside – some perfumes have a high content of natural essential oils or have a thin layer of smoke-like residue visible to the naked eye through the glass; especially for independent perfumers, which use a lot and are full of essential oil ingredients (from 25 to 30% higher than popular perfume brands, non-premium essential oils with a high concentration of essential oils). as low as 1/3). Every 2 weeks, you should shake the perfume bottle so that the thin deposits are gone, and at the same time consider it to help the perfume “spa, relax” so that the scent notes are always evenly blended.

Perfume has no expiration date and if stored well, it can long lasting scent
Perfume has no expiration date and if stored well, it can long lasting scent

Outside – when spraying perfume, it is inevitable that the perfume will stick and flow to the neck of the bottle, creating an oily layer on the bottle that is unsightly, slippery and easy to dust. Sometimes by accident, pressing the valve is not strong enough that the oil will not spray into a mist, but will flow along the body of the bottle, causing stains. These fragrance drops also corrode the pattern on the outside of the perfume bottle, causing loss of aesthetics. So, every week, you use a thin towel soaked in water to wipe the outside of the perfume bottle to help your “pet” stay as beautiful as new.

Expiry date of perfume

Under the Global Free Trade Law (CFS), perfumes are generally not required to have an expiration date on the label. So, perfume has no expiration date. As long as it is stored at a cool room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight, the perfume can be used for a long time and if it is stored well, it will help the perfume to last a long time.

No perfume cap – should or not?

NO – With dot or roll-on perfume, not closing the perfume cap properly or losing the cap will directly cause the perfume to be damaged and not be able to last long. When exposed to the air for a long time, perfume will be oxidized and reduced in quality, losing its inherent scent.

However, now most reputable perfume companies have the technology to close the nozzle into an absolutely airtight bottle, so the perfume is very difficult to evaporate. Therefore, perfume bottles for testing at brands often do not have lids, avoiding theft for commercialization.

Store perfume in the fridge

If you own a huge “heiress” of perfumes, you should store them in the refrigerator with the appropriate temperature from 16 to 24 degrees. This will help your perfume last longer. In addition, you should choose to buy a separate refrigerator just for storing perfume, avoid storing perfume in the cabinet with fresh food, causing the smell of food to darken, changing the pure scent, reducing the quality of the perfume. amount of perfume.

When taking the perfume bottle from the refrigerator to a normal environment, the bottle will be slippery due to condensation, easy to cause breakage. Therefore, you should pay careful attention every time you use it, maintain cold storage and avoid changing the temperature environment too often.

A room temperature of about 21-24°C is ideal for most perfumes, avoid direct sunlight or bright light from TVs or electric lights.

Hopefully these tips will help your beloved perfume last longer than expected. Wish you always luxurious and noble with your own perfume scents!