Mendittorosa is a “strange flower branch” that grows silently in the middle of a vast forest of scents where thousands of exotic flowers and herbs bloom. This flower does not show off its fragrance, but shyly chooses to hide in a deserted area, waiting for those who really want to come to bloom as a sweet reward. In this article, let’s learn about this unique and interesting niche perfume brand with Viinriic!

Mendittorosa - Strange flower in the forest of incense
Mendittorosa – Strange flower in the forest of incense

Mendittorosa – Seed of a novel flower

When niche perfumes are increasingly being used by more and more people to the point of being comparable to brand perfumes, perfumers have begun to pay attention and massively compete with each other in the race to produce niche perfumes. This invisibly makes the niche perfume market become “multiple” in the overlapping scents.

In the midst of the “suffocation”, a niche sprout began to stir and rise above the trees below, which was Mendittorosa.

Mendittorosa, or more precisely Mendittorosa odori d’anima, is also a niche house, but different from other niche houses by daring to be different, daring to do differently, daring to break the rules to become the focus of the niche. every glance. Born from romantic Italy under the talented hands of Stefania Squeglia, this fragrance house breathes new life into the stagnant niche perfume market.

A new and unique incense house
A new and unique incense house

Walking on a different path

Contrary to the usual principles and rules that any niche perfumer adheres to, Mendittorosa chooses to stay away from the crowd and set foot on another path, traveling on a journey that is challenging but also true. unique.

Unlike other incense houses that try to show off their beauty, this incense house chooses to emit a gentle and discreet scent but also very stable and durable. Mendittorosa hands over perfume works to customers in clear glass jars, with absolutely no letters on them, sealed with real lids with a special design that is a bit strange. strange.

Besides the presentation, this incense house is also special by the naming of each of its works. For example, Sogno Reale – A dream come true is a combination of the smell of sea minerals, the smell of geological sand and the smell of sweet fruit, or like Nettuno – Neptune is the smell that brings you to the crumbs. pure stars in the sky,… The more we learn, the more we realize the poetry and subtlety of the name given to each piece of incense.

Unique features in each perfume bottle
Unique features in each perfume bottle

Perfume of the soul

The owner of the brand, Stefania Squeglia, named her perfume house Mendittorosa odori d’anima – The smell of the soul with the concept that human souls can “smell” each other. According to her, people in today’s society are attaching so much importance to their bodies that they seem to have forgotten their souls.

Because of that, each Mendittorosa perfume bottle born has a unique and different appearance, although low in words, it has a strong attraction that makes people confused when first exposed but gradually becomes excited. excited and curious to learn. Since then, the special fragrance touches and awakens their long-forgotten souls.

The perfume of the soul
The perfume of the soul

The woman “breathes soul” into each work

Stefania – Brand Manager Mendittorosa – is a woman who loves animals, has a gentle heart and healthy lifestyle. Her scent is also the collection, gathering, and gathering from peaceful, simple and very lifelike corners. Every perspective of her life is contained in each perfume bottle. When happy, Lacura is like a melodious song full of energy. When meditating softly, Sogno reale brings calm and serenity. Sometimes you almost fall into the depths of life, Osang will send a clear vision and slowly overcome difficulties.

According to this woman, the scent of Mendittorosa is spiritual food for each person, reminding us of the strong and vivid presence of the inner life. Don’t ignore it, listen to it.

When other perfumers focus on diplomacy by sending perfumes to KOLs to get their product promotion, Mendittorosa is not like that. The big KOLs in the world constantly came to Stefania, wanting to cooperate, but she politely refused. With a soft and soothing voice, she says Mendittorosa is a perfume for the soul, not a diplomatic product. Instead of spending time on diplomacy and promotion, Stefania focused on creating new fragrances with a special impression.

Each perfume bottle is "put in the personifying feel" by Stefania
Each perfume bottle is “put in the personifying feel” by Stefania

The bridge between soul and soul

Like a shy and timid flower, Mendittorosa chooses to live away from the hustle and bustle to immerse herself in a slow and poetic world. Where this incense house can comfortably create vials of goodness to help connect soul with soul. Mendittorosa is not for those who take the soul lightly and do not know how to appreciate the scent. Because of that, there are many customers who are willing to wait to own a perfume bottle from this perfume house, even if it takes more than a month.

Would you be willing to receive a completely handmade perfume to heal your soul from this incense house?