Tropical rain weaves what scent emotions?

The following article is inspired by the rains of Saigon.

People often summarize Saigon into two basic seasons, the sunny season and the … sunnier season. Unlike Hanoi, where there are four seasons in a year, four more seasons change, you only need to spend at least eight seasons, no kidding, Saigon is clearly two seasons. Scientific research also shows that weather conditions affect – determine deeply on human personality. With the Saigon people, their personality is also neat, clear and definitive, as comfortable as the weather where they live. Alternating between the seasons in Saigon, there is a gentle refreshing pause, which is the rain.

So, is Saigon rain in tune with the Saigon people’s personality a lot and will the scent emotions blend with the nuances of the rainy season?

The levels of scent emotions through 5 shades of Saigon rain

1. UNUM’s Lavs: Silence

The levels of scent emotions through 5 shades of Saigon rain
The levels of scent emotions through 5 shades of Saigon rain

Lavs, the theme of Smoky, evokes a sense of solitude, but not cold or melancholy. The scent carries the main color of Smoke, evoking the feeling of peace before the storm comes. At this time, surprisingly, the sky seemed to be higher and open. Clouds change color. The air cools down, dries up, and smells of the green glimmer of trees discreetly waiting for the rain to come. This lively and close green fragrance is created by the note of cardamom cardamom, mixed with the delicate and quiet air filled with fragrant incense.

Introverted, free-spirited Lavs is a scent that is neither loud nor “talkative”, but evocative and peaceful.

2. This Is Not A Blue Bottle 1.4 (Blue 1.4) by Histoires de Parfums: Touch

The blue color of Blue 1.4 evokes a feeling of youth, freshness, and caress. The caress is like detox thanks to the cool lavender note combined with the green cardamom. That’s when the first raindrops fragrant on the ground, softening the soil, and then gradually caressing the cool air on the trees, crystallized leaves, so the feeling of a magical scent. The grass and trees at this time gradually hydrate, shake off the suffocating heat, inhale the vivid green scent, and stretch out. The smell of reviving life has a sweet, soothing sweetness of the sap of young leaves.

Blue 1.4 is a scent with a young spirit, suitable for young, dynamic, outgoing, and fair-play people.

3. Vetiver Pour Homme Cologne Parfum by Roja Dove: Rejoice

Vetiver, or vetiver, is a woody note of the Wood family that is close to rustic, in tune with the inner man. Those who are mature often enjoy and feel attached to the scent of green grass with the scent of heaven and earth. However, many young people tend to “abstain” this note, for fear of being like “adults”.

Vetiver Pour Homme, Roja Dove’s Cologne Parfum, is a joyful harmony. The key vetiver note is rejuvenated and cool by being bathed in a fresh citrus citrus scent. The green scent now   becomes elegant, cool, attractive, fresh, depicting the muscular male type, rich in energy.

4. Cuir Sacre by Atelier d’Ors: Mon Man

Unlike Europe, which has a tradition of riding horses to enjoy leather goods, Cuir – Leather is always a “difficult” note for most Asian scent lovers. Many people are obsessed with leather notes that are too “horse”, too wild, “inferior”. Atelier d’Ors overcomes that fear with aromatic creation Cuir Sacre.

The French perfumery handles the leather skillfully and cleanly. The sense of smell is no longer interesting. On the contrary, become clear and caressed. The leather is greasy, fragrant and “ripe green” thanks to vetiver. Cuir Sacre creates the skin of a peaceful living creature, freshly bathed, stripped of all the wild dust, escaping the wet and attractive body like never before.

Cuir Sacre is a romantic, flattering, emotional scent that is delicate and clear.

5. Agonist’s Blue North: Shades

After the rain, the landscape is fully watered. Water stagnates on the branches, dripping. The earth is pure, the climate is mild. People take a deep breath, feeling like they still have a little bit of cool rain like the remaining snow.

Agonist’s Blue North remembers the clean state after the rain. To create a crisp, cool scent, Agonist combines the energetic flavors of ginger, the coolness of mint, the dry of patchouli, and the green of cardamom. Emotions scent is refreshing, bright, strange, and impressive. Blue North is similar to the personality of people who are open-minded, creative, ready and proactive in self-renewal.

The feeling of scent associated with the shade of rain is magical
The feeling of scent associated with the shade of rain is magical