In the world of sophisticated perfumery and lavish interiors, there is a name everyone knows: Clive Christian. Regarded as the epitome of timeless elegance and infinite sophistication, it has become an icon of a sophisticated and classy aesthetic. From enchanting fragrances to enchanting interiors to sophisticated interiors that redefine luxury, the works of Clive Christian have left an indelible mark on the world of affluence and debauchery. .

Clive Christian the world’s most expensive perfume brand is available in Vietnam

Right to be distributed by ViinRiic. The brand was given permission by Queen Victoria to use her crown image for the design of the Clive Christian perfume bottle as a guarantee of royal quality. Clive Christians has a surprisingly sophisticated way of combining-creating scents. Each aromatic creation is not only a complex of countless individual aromatic notes (sometimes up to 150-200 ingredients), more magically, how to conquer so many aromatic ingredients, show the way to create them. Bonding, combining, crystallizing, then shining through time, we can only experience that delicate fragrance in Clive Christian scents.

Clive Christian the world's most expensive perfume brand is available in Vietnam
Clive Christian the world’s most expensive perfume brand is available in Vietnam

In this luxurious afternoon tea event, ViinRiic was honored to collaborate with Bespoke afternoon tea installation expert Cheng Bao Phuong and Duong Nguyen editor-in-chief of ELLE Decoration Vietnam magazine and fresh flower artist Jenny Vu. All resonated and created an extremely luxurious and classy event worthy of Saigon’s top quintessential guests.

One of the hallmarks of Clive Christian fragrances is the unmistakable quality and attention to detail. Each fragrance is meticulously crafted, ensuring that each note blends harmoniously to create a symphony of scents. From the iconic No.1 perfume, known as “the most expensive perfume in the world”, to the glamorous Private Collection, Clive Christian’s fragrances bring you to a world of ultimate bliss. peaks, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.

The atmosphere of the tea party became warmer than ever with the participation of famous guests such as Miss Thu Hoai, singer Quoc Thien, designer Lam Gia Khang, Stylist Hoang Ku, Travis Nguyen, model Tyhd Thuy Thuy Duong – Cao Thien Trang, musician Hua Kim Tuyen, runner-up Luong Thi Hoa Dan … Here, if businessman Cheng Bao Phuong shares about the party decorations in an extremely elaborate way, combining the main colors of the party. Clive Christian incense house – red, yellow, black, royal green and the arrangement of each kit.

The highlight of the program was the sharing of scents by perfumer Eric Tran, brand director of Clive Christian in Vietnam. He not only shared about the 150-year history of the Clive Christian brand, but also led the guests through the many unique layers of incense that this incense house has created.