There is a lovely contrast in Eric Tran when there are two attitudes in him at the same time: the rationality and precision of a gymnast and the extreme flight of a collector. range, introduce niche luxury perfumes in Vietnam.

But I think Eric Tran’s story will create more or less sympathy because after the always flashy appearance of a perfume stylist and an extremely strict teacher of pilates – a trendy gymnastics popular with many Hollywood stars. and Asia actively pursuing, he always loves and pursues beauty to the very end. Even more surprised to know that Eric Tran is not a boy with a silver spoon since he was born.

Eric Tran: The contrasting colors

Poor childhood

ViinRiic Niche Perfume, the pioneering niche perfume shop (perfume line targeting only a small group of customers with a small number of production per year) pioneered in Vietnam, currently displays more than 40 luxury perfume brands from the most demanding manufacturers, many of which are rare in the world. Those special perfume bottles have prices ranging from 4 to 12 million VND, with bottles up to hundreds of millions of VND.

Eric Tran: The contrasting colors
Eric Tran: The contrasting colors

However, when I asked Eric what scent he liked best, he said that he loved the smell of grass in the fields – where he and his cowherd friends were in childhood, the smell of the afternoon market was over – where he wandered to collect Pick up the discarded tubers, bring them back to remove the waterlogged spots for a frugal meal. Those scents are both fresh, unstained, and contain the beautiful light of rays of hope. If perfume is the scent of memory, perhaps, over the years, it has given Eric a lot of motivation and faith: today will be better than yesterday, never give up, never give up. heart.

Any child born into poverty has extraordinary energy and will. Others may look at it with admiration and admiration. But those poor children often have only one goal: how to fill their stomach, how to make loved ones not work hard or worry. The time for many people to choose the door for the future, Eric went to school and worked hard at the same time. His acumen helped Eric see the need to use bio-bubble bags for garbage. And then he mustered up the courage to collect money, borrow from banks to invest in production. Graduating in economics – accounting was also the time when Eric became the owner of a production company.

However, inside Eric always arose something vague that urges him to learn new things, explore new horizons. When suggested by Vincent Tran – a family friend – Eric Tran began to turn his attention to the healthcare industry.

Unexpected accident

“Production work is fine if it continues to be done, but I see a more distant, more commercial future in the healthcare industry because health is an individual’s top priority,” said Eric Tran. share. At the age of 24, Eric Tran came to Belgium with the help of Vincent. As a gymnastics master in Belgium and a famous therapist in Europe, Vincent offers many suggestions for Eric to choose to specialize in his favorite subject. Eric chose yoga.

Eric as a coach

Life is interesting because it always contains many surprises. Even in misfortune can hatch new journeys. Eric’s learning path seemed to be smooth, when he suddenly lost the motor function of his legs, after supporting his friend who fell during practice. The days of lying in one place, thinking about a very young age, thinking about the future and many unrealized plans, facing the current situation when all personal activities have to rely on the help of others, Eric was almost desperate.

That pit would have almost engulfed Eric with negative thoughts if Vincent hadn’t introduced Eric to pilates and helped him practice. Like a drowning man who grabbed a life jacket, although he was skeptical at times, but for himself and for the future, Eric did not stop trying.

A few months later, Eric’s muscle groups began to respond again, everything gradually became more flexible. The day Eric stepped out of bed and took his first steps, he felt like he was reborn again. That accident changed Eric’s mind and feelings quite a lot. He slows down, appreciates life and thinks of others more. He put all his effort into researching, participating in training classes from basic to professional in pilates around the world. “My desire is not only to be able to earn money but also to help many people, including those who are unfortunate enough to fall into the same situation as I have been.”

Enduring journey

In 2011, Eric Tran and Vincent Tran returned to Vietnam, establishing the first Pilates fitness center. By seeing and understanding the power of pilates from his own personal experience, Eric always looks straight at the path he has chosen. If no one is interested, he will introduce it to everyone. No one was willing to go to school, so he invited me to try it. At the same time, Eric and Vincent also opened a class to guide students and then select talented and knowledgeable people to become professional coaches. Just like that, day after day, year after year, Pour Vous – Pilates Center Yoga and Spa now has four campuses in Ho Chi Minh City, one in Hanoi with hundreds of students attending every day.

Along with pilates, Eric is also a famous niche perfume collector not only in Saigon. His ViinRiic Niche Perfume store welcomes many customers from Asian countries such as India, Japan, Korea… Still with the leisurely demeanor of a leader, besides the efforts to diversify brands to meet the needs of customers. With different needs of users, Eric attaches great importance to bringing the right scent experience to customers through private appointments with consultants, in order to find the most suitable scent for users, similar to other brands. famous niche perfume shops in the world. “Towards community values, even if it is a small community, specifically here is knowledge about health, about fragrance, is what I am doing” – Eric said.

Eric Tran in a showcase of niche perfumes for visitors

Although each niche perfume has a very high price and this market is in turmoil, Eric Tran asserts, the level of niche perfume is not only in the price, but in the limitation of that perfume. It also lies in the user’s understanding and compatibility with the scent they wear.

Recalling the opportunity to come to niche perfumes, Eric Tran shared: “I love scents, but many years ago, I used them like everyone else. Until one day, I was given a perfume bottle by a relative with a strange and unique note. Not only did it wake me up, it opened up a whole other world for me.”

During his years in Belgium, outside of training and studying, Eric Tran spared no time to wander around “limited” shops in Europe to inhale scents and hear stories from hidden inventors. different names. Perhaps it is that hard work that has helped Eric to possess a lot of valuable knowledge and relationships so that when he opened the first niche perfume shop in Saigon, his collection made the perfumers have a low profile. admiring and admiring. Now, after six years, he has three stores.

The fierceness and unwavering belief in himself are the core personality traits that make Eric who he is today. Once Eric Tran has done it, he will do it to the end, methodically and systematically. When he fell in love, he would go step by step, though slowly but surely.