No rush, Niche Perfume – a fragrance that is not aimed at the masses, always knows how to let the masses know how to be gentle once, even in “receiving” them to the display cabinet.

Niche perfume and the concept of “playing incense” was born

Perfume lovers in Vietnam are no stranger to the concept of niche perfumery. The constant movement of the market and famous perfume collectors such as MC Tran Thanh, singer Thu Minh, Miss Thu Hoai … help many scent lovers know many luxury brands that are supposed to be luxury brands. only to serve the elite.

In fact, niche perfumes are scents that are produced in limited quantities, with premium ingredients and crafted by hand. Those who are attracted and willing to pay for expensive niche perfumes are not just material rich, but more importantly, they have a passion for creativity and are willing to try different scents.

And there are many elaborate things in the hobby of perfumery. Unlike market perfumers, you only need to come, smell and pay, to buy a niche perfume also has to go through quite a lot of feats.

In the UK, a visit to Harrods’ Roja Dove perfume shop costs between £150 and £200 per hour listening to a scent expert explain and tell a story. When you step into ViinRiic Niche Boutique, you will have a different experience in lifestyle and luxury scents, with free consultation. ViinRiic will arrange a scent expert to guide and tell scent stories within an hour. From that conversation, the scent expert will partly understand the customer’s personality, psychology, and preferences to give appropriate scent advice.

Are you ready to explore the world of luxury scents right in the heart of Saigon?


Does the Middle East remind you of anything, other than the shops bearing the “Dubai perfume” brand that are sold all over Vietnam?

Sparkling silver-plated gold-plated perfume bottles, inside are long glass bars connecting the lid of the perfume bottle. People use perfume by dabbing the glass tip on the skin that needs to be perfumed and released. That is the traditional way of using perfume of the land of a thousand and one nights.

Not only in Vietnam are rich Dubai perfume brands, in fact, even in the rich Middle Eastern countries, there are also countless perfume shops of this type. So you see, the oil land is not only rich in fairy tales, but also rich in natural ingredients such as roses, sandalwood, frankincense, frankincense, musk… totally the western fragrance we love. Here, each scent is heavily local, with thousands of scent notes. Each scent is literally like a story, an adventure, unpredictable, full of surprises, without end.

Niche perfume and the concept of "playing incense" was born
Niche perfume and the concept of “playing incense” was born

In 1983, in Oman, Amouage was born, a fragrance project of a prince of the Middle East, with the aim of preserving the tradition of Arabic aromatics, and   integrating the Middle Eastern aromatic world with a French fragrance style. , helping the outside world better understand the East. Basically, Middle Eastern perfume bottles are extremely … flowers, leaves, diverse design styles, sometimes making people feel cumbersome.

Amouage recognized that, and unified the design of its scent form from the famous design icons of Oman. The women’s perfume bottle, as you can see in the picture, is a square glass bottle, topped with a metal semicircle cap, with a sparkling Swarovski stone. The female Amouage jar is a typical design of the Middle Eastern culture and spirit, namely the famous Ruwi palace-church in Muskat, Oman.

We have a lot of perfume bottles of Middle Eastern origin with a temple look, however, there is no perfume bottle with a distinctive and eye-catching shape like Amouage women’s perfume bottle. And of course, matching the traditional and fancy appearance, each scent of Niche Amouage perfume makes a remarkable and unmistakable impression in the fragrance world.

Liquides Imaginaires

Before becoming popular and adapted into a memorable jewelry of modern mankind, scent was rare and sacred, carrying the responsibility of being a bridge between mortals and gods. Authentic, flighty, aloof, instinctive, and unexpected, Liquides Imaginaires’ aromatic creations are delightful and different in that way.

Born in Paris in 2012 by David Frossard and Philippe de Méo, both are passionate about travel, history, culture. Sharing inspiration for the essence of scent, David and Phillipe created the aromatic world of Liquides Imaginaires.

As we now know, the source of scent is the means of connecting humans with the spirit world. The scent begins with fire, but it turns into smoke. The thin, mysterious smoke that pierces through captures our dreams respectfully to the gods. Humans gradually develop, scent gradually crystallizes into many different formats. Perfume was born, the original purpose is nothing else, for mankind to see themselves surrounded by scent. The scent symbolizes the presence of the Almighty.

Niche perfume and the concept of "playing incense" was born
Niche perfume and the concept of “playing incense” was born

Humans feel at peace, protected by the enveloping scent. That is the original mission of perfumery. And Liquides Imaginaires was born to accompany scent lovers back to that peaceful and culturally rich fragrant shore. However, without cliché, the aromatic creations of niche perfumes Liquides Imaginaires have a very interesting and new way of interacting with the religious-historical-geographic category.

As soon as they appeared, with a different appearance, special scent concept, the aromatic creations of Liquides Imaginaires quickly surprised and created attraction.

Scent lovers, besides the sensual, or hi-tech, or avant-garde fragrance inspirations, also love the perfume bottles that carry the sacred destiny – purification.

Atelier des Ors

France has always been the cradle of romantic, beautiful, and joyful scents. Layer after layer, names appear, shine, and then fade away. People have not had time to be sad, but they are happy again, because France never cools off its fragrance. And those who love scent, don’t have the time or opportunity to turn their heads and look at the past, when right in front of their nose, there is always a forest of fragrant flowers waiting to be bloomed and decided. That’s why, in France, people don’t have the opportunity to smell bad.

Atelier des Ors (AdO) is an independent French perfumery that was born in 2015, and is at its most brilliant and sublimated stage. AdO is beautiful sparkling and eye-catching. The perfume bottle is finished firmly, inside there are golden “flying” flakes floating around. Spraying AdO on the skin, one sees a sparkling scent.

Niche perfume and the concept of "playing incense" was born
Niche perfume and the concept of “playing incense” was born

With the “ambition” of France’s fragrance-inspired renaissance, which is becoming slow and mundane, AdO’s aromatic creations are journeys rich in pleasure, surprise, emotion, and unforgettable. .

Eric Tran, the guy with the ambition “to buy perfume is also a charming experience”

Born in Nha Trang, Eric Tran studied Economics – Accounting, then moved to live and work in Belgium for more than 10 years. He has researched and studied in depth perfumery and Pilates sport in Belgium and Europe.

Returning to Vietnam, he established a Pilates training and training center in 2011, currently has 3 branches in Ho Chi Minh City, very popular with entertainment stars and business people.

Eric Tran

By 2015, the love of niche perfume prompted the young man to once again want to create a different space and through that, inspire a life style full of fragrance. And since then, ViinRiic was born in the form of a perfume sales model that does not place a lot of emphasis on commercialism, towards the core value of respecting the scent class. Eric Tran opened the way to bring 30 leading brands in the world such as Roja Parfums, Aaron Terence Hughes, Atelier De Ors, Francesca Bianchi, Unum, Boadicea The Victorious, Mendittorosa… to their own “unique space”. Currently, after a period of operation, Eric Tran’s ViinRiic has opened 3 locations located in the most favorable streets of Saigon such as Tran Quoc Toan Street, 5-star Renaissance Hotel and Le Loi Street (District 1).

Not only luxurious, stylish and sophisticated, the guy’s “private mecca” also has a scent consulting service exclusively for customers, of course, still following the ideal of “scent hobby” that Eric follows. chase.