Recently, ViinRiic Niche Perfume Gallery has launched the limited fragrance In Paradise Riviera by EX NIHILO. True to its name, In Paradise Riviera smells like a rushing wind and is youthful, fragrant with sweet flowers, pink and succulent, sparkling with fresh fragrant sea salt dust covering the skin, which is both healthy but equally evocative. attractive invitation.

Mr. Eric Tran - Founder of ViinRiic Niche Perfume Gallery (middle) shares about the unique fragrance of In Paradise Riviera
Mr. Eric Tran – Founder of ViinRiic Niche Perfume Gallery (middle) shares about the unique fragrance of In Paradise Riviera

In Paradise Riviera by EX NIHILO

In the span of more than two years the epidemic raged until now, the world has changed a lot. It seems that large-scale quarantines make people love each other more, connect with each other more sincerely, and care about each other more. More than ever, we are aware of and cherish the happiness of our carefree breathing process. The pleasure of enjoying the scent thanks to the epidemic has interesting evolutionary steps.

Over the years, fragrance lovers have formed the concept of French fragrance, which refers to a passionate and confident style of using perfume, in order to let the world around them “anticipate” their existence even when they are not alone. “not yet” appears through scent. The French perfume bottles first, of course, need to have French nationality, secondly, they will standardize the multi-layered passionate fragrance style without hiding the unique nostalgic style. Those are some basic descriptions of French aromatics. And the definition of standard French aroma is gradually removed and refreshed thanks to EX NIHILO.

In Paradise Riviera with a classy scent
In Paradise Riviera with a classy scent

EX NIHILO is located in the “heart” of Paris, the magnificent Place Vendome, where the quintessence of France such as Hermes, Chanel, Goyard, etc., is the home of young “ambitious” French artists. wants global incense lovers to love France from the beginning by confidently removing part of the French fragrance prejudice. Right from the name of the incense house has made us curious.

EX NIHILO is not French, but the Latin root means From Nowhere. The incense house from Void does not want to start with any constraints or pressure. Freedom, openness, no strings attached, youthful and unchanging, that is the creative spirit of this incense house. Not only redefining the concept of French fragrance, EX NIHILO loves the art forms and enjoys connecting the culturally rich pleasures of humanity with scent. In other words, far from the traditional fragrance style “in the past”, EX NIHILO calls itself a “global citizen” perfumer when successfully compiling scents that erase the default gender, age, ethnicity , time.


Not only “having fun” connecting aromatic art with other contemporary art industries as known, in the spring – summer of 2022, EX NIHILO launches a limited scent In Paradise Riviera, with the purpose of inviting fragrance lovers ” defected” from the post-epidemic “freeze” state, restarting the spirit of love of teleportation. In Paradise Riviera is the scent of paradise on earth, the title of the most beautiful sea in Europe, favored by global travel connoisseurs. The scent is like a rushing and youthful wind, fragrant with sweet flowers, pink and succulent fruits, sparkling with fresh fragrant sea salt dust covering the skin, which is both healthy but equally inviting.




The post-pandemic fragrant world is open, pure, bright, capable of regenerating positive energy for us to continue to connect us to many free, different, colorful and colorful trips. Fragrance without pressure. You are ready for new adventures with EX NIHILO. In Vietnam, you can experience EX NIHILO at the ViinRiic scent mecca with In Paradise Riviera, the official and exclusive distributor of the incense house Tu Voi.

ViinRiic Niche Perfume specializes in high-end niche fragrances founded by Eric Tran in 2015 with a private appointment model. Currently, ViinRiic Niche Perfume has 6 stores in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to launch In Paradise Riviera fragrance. In the coming time, Eric Tran will continue to expand the chain of stores to 8. ViinRiic currently owns over 30 leading niche perfume brands in the world. This can be considered a bold idea and is very supported by perfume brands and perfumers, because this model is not commercial, while helping to elevate perfume to a level New level. In the European and American market, distributors do not sell niche perfumes on a mass basis, do not own offices or showrooms in flashy places. With its own community of sophisticated and sophisticated people, niche perfume products always have a different position and class.