The world of scents reveals its passionate love for the sea. More than ever, with the hot summer months approaching, we find it even more necessary and enjoyable to search for aromatic creations with inspiration – the spirit of the ocean, to help relieve the pressure of busy city life. . And the Riviera collection will help you have the best experience.

Riviera Collection by perfumer Atelier Des Ors

Have you ever been curious and wondering, how diverse and interesting the sea in the scent will be? Come, let’s explore with ViinRiic sea scents and endless inspirations.

Besides the aromatic representations of the ocean spirit mentioned in the picture, we also have Mendittorosa’s Sogno Reale sweet with love for the sea, Unda Maris 8 by SAUF uses the aromatic effect of smoke to create a peaceful atmosphere. of the ocean, Fleuve Tendre by Liquide Imaginaires is full of emotions about the harmony – connecting the two extremes of passionate force with the calm softness of the sea…

Riviera Collection by perfumer Atelier Des Ors
Riviera Collection by perfumer Atelier Des Ors


The Riviera is the name of the Mediterranean Sea, extending from the principality of Monaco to Italy. This is a deep blue sea with a stable and warm climate throughout all seasons of the year, which has a great attraction to attract high-class tourists who love the sea from all over Europe. The perfume house Atelier Des Ors perfumes the free and open beauty of the Rivieria into the Green Riviera Collection, consisting of 3 aromatic creations that stand out and are filled with a festive atmosphere of enjoyment.

The first scent, Riviera Drive, tells about the excitement and excitement of the traveler traveling on the beautiful roads leading to the happy Riviera sea. The sweet green scent of absinthe “green fairy” wine is chilled with ice enough to freeze hot tropical summer days, creating a feeling of refreshment and generosity for the world around.

Next to Riviera Drive, Pomelo Rivieria is the dawn where the ocean sparkles, the sun is yellow and the sea is blue, the wind is rustling, everything is bright and full of life. To create a sparkling succulent fragrance, Atelier Des Ors uses a large dose of citrus notes, with the main character being pink grapefruit, combined with cedar wood and sea salt effect. The result, Pomelo Rivieria is fresh and authentic, cleverly evoking a famous cocktail called Margarita.

The third scent, Rivieria Lazuli, is when you are no longer on the streets, or in bed. You can set sail, leisurely set sail, and immerse yourself in the deep blue ocean. Balancing, harmonizing, calming, and harmonizing, the whole ocean surrounds you. The scent of the sea caressed, from afar, the wind carried the scent of the great tree from the forest near the sea. The sun sprinkles on the ocean surface with sparkling sparkling sparkles, marinating on the skin of the owner of the attractive and inviting lemonade aroma effect, smelling just want to “drink”.

The Riviera trio is loose, free, with the fragrance of radiant holidays and enjoyment.

Acqua di Sale by Profuum Roma

Acqua di Sale by Profuum Roma in the Riviera collection
Acqua di Sale by Profuum Roma in the Riviera collection

Coming from Italy, Profuum Roma is a family perfume house that has been developed for several generations, however, the house has a creative point of view that is completely out of the way or old. Owning their own store of quality and quintessential aromatic ingredients, the fragrance creations branded with Profuum Roma offer fragrance lovers a diverse, romantic, lively, and enduring fragrance experience that faithfully adheres to the skin. .

Of the many sophisticated and discreet scents of the Riviera collection, surprisingly, Acqua di Sale, the perfume bottle with the spirit of the Italian sea, is the most beloved Profuum Roma fragrance. Born in 1996, and famous until now, fragrance lovers call this scent SeAxual, or more gently, Sea Sensual – Ocean of Emotions. Using notes of herbal aromas grown and harvested right in Italy, the incense house creates a pleasant, gentle, soothing aroma and then excitedly pushes the owner from the Tuscan coast to the sea to discover an island. The island is green and full of leaves. The effect of sparkling sea salt covering the skin that is being dried by the wind, is both sexy and free to stimulate the sense of smell. Acqua di Sale is a stimulating scent that evokes human instincts in a healthy and fresh way.

Oceania by Roja Parfums


Master mixologist Roja Dove is known for her complex, sophisticated fragrances that suddenly reveal her love of the sea through a limited-edition scent with the open and evocative name Oceania.

The sparkling sea salt effect is combined with pink grapefruit and juniper berries, making the first impression of Oceania particularly pleasant and exhilarating, fresh and refreshing, just like a gin tonic, a classic cocktail. UK’s most popular. Continuing to calm the state of euphoria, Oceania gently swayed and continued to push the signature aroma notes – specialties of Roja Dove such as oak moss, geranium, vetiver … dancing around the gin tonic. Oceania constantly rotates scent notes. The aftertaste, ambergris makes the scent more pronounced with the spirit of the sea.

Oceania is not only a creative unisex fragrance that is youthful, sensitive and harmonious with all types of terrain – weather. With each bottle of Oceania of the Riviera collection given to a lover, Roja Dove actively spends a portion of the proceeds to contribute to funds that work to protect our precious marine assets.

Entre Ciel et Mer by Pierre Guillaume


In his creative career, with many fragrances like Tabac Rouge or Liqueur Charnelle, many people easily forget the other “hidden beauty” of perfumer Pierre Guillaume. For example, Entre Ciel et Mer, poetic Vietnamese means Between Heaven and Sea.

Those who love swimming, of course, are familiar and excited when they swim excitedly through layers of waves, go far away, the sky is calm, the sea is calm, and they lie leisurely on the water. The feeling of lightness of the body is very floating, like it is floating, that is the fragrant state Entre Ciel et Mer brings to the lover of incense.

The scent is light, leisurely, gently evoking the feeling of the sea, which is cool and succulent. Notes pear fragrance bursts on the skin, blends with chestnut skin, fresh and elegant aroma with sea salt and ocean plants, smooth aftertaste of sandalwood and ambergris.

Among the many scents inspired by the sea, Entre Ciel et Mer by Pierre Guillaume is a memorable exception, lovely fragrance, distinctly beautiful.

Musc Ambergris by Affinityence:


Treasure – the soul of the ocean, the ultimate ambergris, the substance produced by sperm whales, floating and drifting day after day in the sea, bathing in the sun under the sea, during the day caressed by the wind, bathed in moonlight at night, found and cherished by mankind. This precious material, after many years of being embraced and honed by nature, gradually emits its own magical and peaceful fragrance. Ambergris is a fragrant combination of human skin, peace of wood, and soothing the sea. Currently, ambergris is a particularly rare aromatic ingredient, listed in the Red Book, and not many perfumers can afford to use natural ambergris in their perfume bottles.

With Musc Ambergris by Affinityence, incense lovers have the opportunity to really “touch” ambergris in a direct and honest way. The main ingredient that makes up Musc Ambergris, natural ambergris, combined with botanical musk, creates a continuous aromatic state with a strong, abundant sea spirit that pats the skin and then bursts on the skin with halos of scent. endless sparkling white light.

Báu vật – linh hồn của đại dương, cực phẩm long diên hương, thứ vật chất sản sinh ra từ loài cá nhà táng, chìm nổi trôi dạt ngày này qua tháng khác trên biển, trên tắm ánh dương dưới ngậm biển cả, ban ngày mơn man gió giời, ban đêm đắm đuối ánh trăng, được loài người tìm thấy và nâng niu. Thứ vật chất quý giá này, sau nhiều năm tháng được thiên nhiên ôm ấp gọt dũa, dần phát hương tự thân thứ hương thơm kì diệu và an lành. Long diên hương là hợp thể thơm của da dẻ loài người, bình an cây gỗ, và dập dìu biển cả. Hiện tại, long diên hương là thành phần thơm đặc biệt quý hiếm, được liệt vào hàng sách đỏ, và không nhiều nhà hương có đủ khả năng sử dụng long diên hương tự nhiên vào các lọ nước hoa của mình.

Với Musc Ambergris của Affinessence, người yêu hương có cơ hội thực sự “chạm” vào long diên hương một cách trực diện và chân thật. Thành phần chính tạo nên Musc Ambergris, long diên hương tự nhiên, kết hợp cùng xạ hương thực vật, tạo nên trạng thái thơm liên hồi mang tinh thần biển cả mạnh mẽ, dạt dào vỗ lên da rồi vỡ òa trên da những quầng hương sáng trắng lấp lánh không hồi kết.