Recently, ViinRiic Galeries De Parfums introduced to the public the new fragrance house ORMAIE PARIS through a special event combining painting and fragrance, bringing a unique and new experience to the guest experience.

ORMAIE PARIS - Symphony of Painting and Fragrance
ORMAIE PARIS – Symphony of Painting and Fragrance

ORMAIE PARIS – An Impressive Symphony

On the afternoon of April 7, 2024, the ViinRiic Galeries De Parfums brand held an event to launch the new fragrance house ORMAIE PARIS to the guests. Different from the mere launch events, this meeting the brand has cooperated with Tipsy Art to carry out a program that combines painting and scent, allowing guests to experience painting activities at the same time. Art has just received information about the launch of the perfume house ORMAIE PARIS. With this combination, ViinRiic Galeries De Parfums wishes to bring a new experience to its guests.

Led by two CEOs of ViinRiic Galeries De Parfums – Vincent Tran and Eric Tran – representatives of ORMAIE PARIS Vietnam, the event featured many young artists and famous KOLs, who have an impact on the community such as MCs. Minh Xu, writer Quach Le Anh Khang, models Thanh Truc, Ha Kino, singers Du Uyen, Do Hoang Duong, Nguyen Lam Thao Tam, etc.

According to the brand, the reason for this particular combination is that scent and painting both have special similarities. With only simple colors, the artist’s hands were able to produce impressive paintings. The scent is the same, with very basic ingredients, but with the talented hands of the artist, it is possible to bring a series of new scents and impressive stories.

The event was led by two CEOs of ViinRiic Galeries De Parfums: Vincent Tran and Eric Tran
The event was led by two CEOs of ViinRiic Galeries De Parfums: Vincent Tran and Eric Tran

Two basic roots of ORMAIE PARIS – Human and nature

To create a scent, we need to focus on the combination of the original scent to be able to bring a new and unique scent. For ORMAIE PARIS, this incense house has skillfully blended the two basic and purely human roots and nature, using pure natural ingredients combined with the sophistication and unlimited creativity of people. artisans to give birth to a quintessential incense house.

Favoredly given the name of “kind incense house”, ORMAIE PARIS brings a challenging but also humanistic perception: “Creating pure, 100% natural, vegan-friendly fragrances , not tested on animals, uses banned ingredients, extinct or synthetic chemistry”.

ORMAIE PARIS pays special attention to the source of ingredients used in each perfume bottle, each type of material must always prove its purity, unadulterated purity and transparency from the origin. Therefore, in order to ensure pure and vegan standard ingredients in accordance with the spirit of the incense house, ORMAIE PARIS carries out the process of taking care and harvesting ingredients with people at local farms in a clean way. ethically and ecologically compatible with nature.

Since then, with pure ingredients, through the skillful hands of artisans, each bottle of ORMAIE PARIS perfume was born.

The artistry in each perfume bottle

The artistry is very focused by ORMAIE PARIS in each of its perfume bottles, not only for product quality but also for packaging. Because of that, each perfume bottle of this house has a special cap. This is a type of lid made from oak with a special shape and color, through the creativity that is completely handcrafted, both impressing customers and adding a special highlight. for each perfume bottle.

For the perfume bottle, the perfume house uses recycled glass with slices that are hand-grinded many times, forming 12 slices to create a reflective and sparkling effect like rays of light to increase the sparkle. for perfume bottles. This manual grinding process is supported by a grinder using an environmentally friendly renewable energy source.

In particular, the perfume box brings the spirit of minimalism but not mixed. Continuing to use 40% recycled paper fibers and 55% sustainably managed forest wood, adding 5% fine corrugated iron like silk, the iconic logo of ORMAIE PARIS was designed and machined by this family home. Classic prints for a non-industrial or stereotypical aesthetic.

The artistry is cleverly combined in each ORMAIE PARIS perfume bottle
The artistry is cleverly combined in each ORMAIE PARIS perfume bottle

Sincere shares

Baptiste – the creator of ORMAIE PARIS has brought childhood stories, dreams and images from the past encapsulated into the scent in a subtle way that makes the perfume bottle more meaningful.

Along with that, the spirit that Viinriic is aiming for is also new experiences with the aim of increasing the experience for customers. This is a similarity in spirit for ViinRiic to collaborate with Tipsy Art to create this workshop. It can be said that ViinRiic Galeries De Parfums is also the only unit that creates many practical scent experiences for customers, from Ex Nihilo with bell meditation, Clive Christian with afternoon tea and now ORMAIE PARIS with painting art. painting.

During the meeting, Co-founder of ViinRiic – Vincent Tran shared: “In the collection of ORMAIE PARIS, I love the scent of 28 degrees Celsius and Marque-page. If the scent of 28 degrees takes us to the afternoons, While traveling in Paris, the Marque-page reminded me of the book clip as its name suggests.

As a guest to experience the combined event at the introduction of ORMAIE by ViinRiic Galeries De Parfums, MC Minh Xu shared: “Painting in a melodious space of the piano sound with familiar songs is so comfortable that it is so comfortable. made us mix our voices on that music.‏ I felt a lot of cohesion and harmony in just a few hours at ViinRiic’s event. Everything has no boundaries anymore. Only the emotions left through. As the story is told kindly through the fragrances of Baptiste with the brand ORMAIE, the love of family and stories of childhood have been realized through water bottles. The flowers are so delicate. ‏ I like the wooden bottle caps that are rustically shaped and varied as each person’s taste. Wearing a suitable scent will create a special feeling for myself. Confidence and beauty are not in the eyes of others anymore, but in the senses of the opposite person.

‏ On the side of Du Uyen, the singer also emphasized: “As a girl who loves beauty and the art of scent, Uyen thinks that we all have our own scent. And Viinriic is the place to lift up. understanding for Uyen about the value, story and origin of not only ORMAIE but also many other scents”.‏ ‏